Construction is well under way

Since we bought the marina in 2007 we have spent a good portion of each off-season planning improvements for the following season. This year is no different and it’s been one of our busiest off-seasons yet. We have already broke ground on several projects and several others are in the planning stages and will be implemented this spring.

Wharf Dock Replacement

Nearly 350 feet of dock infrastructure and top decking along the wharf has been replaced. We took the opportunity during the construction of the wharf to install bird netting underneath – lots of it. We hope this will eliminate the birds that nested under the docks and provide some relief to our wharf boaters from bird droppings.

We will be backfilling the trench along the wharf in the coming weeks with stone, landscaping fabrics and topsoil. Our goal is to create a more stable shoreline to prevent sink holes and soil erosion in the future.

Other Improvements

Several other improvements are planned for the coming season including:

  • New deck for the marina office

  • Dredging along the south shoreline of the marina basin

  • Additional WiFi radios for even better coverage