We took the webcam offline a few weeks ago as the camera was no longer operating normally. This camera has given us nothing but problems since we placed it in service about five years ago. We’ve had countless phone calls and emails with the manufacturer’s technical support team and they have replaced the unit three times.

Unfortunately it still has issues. The primary problem is that it locks up or freezes frequently, which leaves the camera in a blurry close-up view. None of the point-tilt-zoom controls work when this happens and the only fix is for us to manually reboot the camera. There have been times when we have had to do this four or five times a week. Can you understand our frustration?

So for the time being, no webcam. We are looking at our options. We understand how popular the webcam is, particularly during the winter as many of you use the camera to check up on your boat. Rest assured we will have another solution soon.