The BoatUS annual list of top boat names is out. A few names on the list can be found on boats in our marina. Next time you walk the dock look for them. Here is the top ten:

1. Grace – I was surprised to see this name in the top spot. We named our dog Grace so we like the name but I guess I never thought of putting it on a boat.

2. Freedom – No surprise here. It’s what all boaters love about boating – the freedom to leave the dock and explore the world.

3. Seas the Day – A nice play on words and it certainly sums up a view of life shared by most boaters

4. Therapy – No better therapy than boating in our humble opinion.

5. Second Wind – More apt for sailboats of course and yes, we’ve got one of these at Fair Point.

6. Serenity – For some reason, this name reminds me of something Ringo Star often says – peace and love. Peace and love.

7. Perseverance – Every boater needs this at times whether it’s dealing with a nagging engine issue or unexpected weather.

8. Rum Runner – Can you say party? Enough said.

9. Knot on Call – This has always been one of the great benefits of boating – the ability to leave your job and your troubles behind for a few hours or days. It’s more important than ever now in this age of cell phones, iPads and laptops where it seems we are always “on” and open to the interruption of a phone call, email or text.

10. Pura Vida – A Costa Rican saying meaning “pure life,” you will find this name on our docks.

To read the BoatUS article on the top ten boat names of 2018, click on this link – BoatUS Top Boat Names of 2018