We stopped advertising many years ago as our best source of business has been the word of mouth of our customers. We have been fortunate – and are grateful – for the many wonderful comments that have been shared with us over the years by our seasonal boaters, visiting transient boaters, service customers and RV site customers. You can also check out Active Captain and our Facebook page for more marina reviews.

Below is a chronological list (from most recent to oldest) of the comments received over the past ten seasons.

“Thanks Tim and Cheryl for another amazing year at Fair Point Marina. The marina was a great place to ride out the pandemic. We were able to get outdoors and have fun and the Covid measures you put in place at the marina kept us all safe.”

“Hi Tim. I really appreciate you getting back to me. My wife and I are really excited about all the changes at the Marina.. Its all been happening very quickly, we took a ride in my brothers boat late July and in August we’d bought a boat! I have to say, Megan and all the staff are a credit to you, they have really taken great care of us.” (new boater in 2020)

“Seth has to be one of the more skillful equipment operators you have had at Fair Point. It’s incredible to see how he is able to move the crane and travel lift, and his mast stepping work has been excellent. Nice guy too.”

“My husband and I are so happy we chose to put our boat at Fair Point Marina this year. We’ve been hearing great things about the place for years but wow, it exceeded our expectations. You have an unbeatable location, first class team and an incredible group of nice, friendly customers. In less than a week of our arrival, we felt like we had been here for years!” (new customer in 2020)

“The list of improvements at the. marina this year was amazing! We continue to marvel at the time, energy and money you and Cheryl put into the marina. There’s no place else like it. THANK YOU TIM AND CHERYL!”

“Thank you Tim and Cheryl for another great season. Although COVID certainly made it interesting, I honestly think it was one of the most enjoyable summers at Fair Point we have had in many years. And kudos to your team too — they are such a happy and dedicated bunch! Very helpful.”

A blog post from a cruiser heading south through the canal about his experience at Fair Point Marina – Turning a Sailboat into a Motor Boat

“You have a really nice marina and some great people working for you there – the best marina I have been in over the last several years.”

“Fair Point Marina is my home away from home. Everyone here is just so nice and happy all the time. Don’t know how you created such a great environment.”

“Megan is wonderful and OMG she is so funny too!”

“The new driveway areas in the storage yard look great. Love the cart path too over to the RV area.”

“What can I say about Megan. She is delightful and a great representative for your business. She is kind, attentive and professional.”

“We appreciate all of your efforts to keep the marina open during the record high water levels on Lake Ontario this year. Many marinas were closed for a good part of the summer but Fair Point stayed open through the hard work of your team. No one wants to keep their boat on the hard for the summer!”

“We thoroughly enjoyed our first year at Fair Point. You take such great care of the grounds and the facilities. It’s really beautiful. Schyler is a real find. I can’t remember the last time we dealt with such a knowledgeable person at a marina. And he is such a great guy too. He took great care of us this summer and did it with humor. And what can we say about the people here? They have to be the nicest people anywhere. They were all so welcoming. And everyone really cares about each other here. You’ve got something very special.”

“Schyler is simply the best there is. I can’t tell you how many times I have found him checking on dock lines in the middle of a storm. He is completely dedicated to the marina and to its customers.”

“Ryan (who joined our staff in the spring of 2016) is a wonderful addition to the marina. He is so kind and thoughtful and has a wonderful work ethic.”

“Ryan is doing a terrific job. He takes the time to get to know all of us and wants to make sure that we are enjoying every moment at the marina. He is a real sweetheart.”

“I have been boating for 30 years now and I have never seen a marina like Fair Point Marina. Your staff is top notch, the facilities are impeccably maintained and the customers are so incredibly friendly and welcoming to new customers. My husband and I could not be happier with our decision to join Fair Point Marina this year.”

“Schyler has a vast amount of boating knowledge. The guy is so incredibly helpful and he is a rock. He is always there for us. And what’s really great is that he is such a wonderful person. He’s thoughtful, kind and is able to do an exceptional job with no ego.”

“The summer solstice party at Colloca Winery was fabulous. It was another one of those times when we are amazed at how Fair Point Marina is able to bring out the best of everything. The winery and Fair Point are two very similar businesses. A perfect fit.”

(From the staff at Colloca Winery) “We loved serving the customers from Fair Point Marina this evening. They are a wonderfully nice and fun group of people.”

“These guys know what they are doing and do an excellent job. This is the place to have your mast pulled if you are entering the canal at Oswego. Thanks guys for the great work! Very pleased!”

“As you make your way thru the Erie Canal, you’ll probably head north at the Oswego River and out onto Lake Ontario at the port of Oswego. If so you must stop at Fair Point Marina in Fair Haven NY. Great people, great services. Ask for Schyler.”

“Thunder Canyon was outrageously good. Thank you for bringing them to Fair Point!”

“[The Labor Day Party] was the best ever at the marina! Thank you!”

“We had a great time at the party last night. Truly wish you and Cheryl were here. I think it was one of the best parties yet. Thunder Canyon is a very talented group of musicians. They could very easily make the top 10 in my opinion. Please get them to come here again. Everybody was up dancing and having a good time. We closed the bar which is very rare for us. The weather “gods” gave us a beautiful day and evening. A great ending for another great year at the “marina.” Thank you!”

“Good morning Tim, The party was amazing and the band was first class! We all had the best time. Sorry you guys weren’t able to enjoy it with us. Thanks again for a great Labor Day weekend!

“It was another extraordinary summer. Thank you Tim and Cheryl.”

“John Humphrey did an amazing job fixing our engine. He is thoughtful and professional, and he took the time to explain the problem to us and what he was going to do to get us going again. You’ve got a real special mechanic. And the charge was very, very reasonable.” [visiting boater from Rochester]

“I now understand why Stoke [the band that played at our Summer Bash in recent years] is so popular. They are amazing. What a great party. Thank you.”

“This place is wonderful. Simply wonderful.” [transient boater from Canada during the 2015 summer season]

“Grammie, do you know what my best days are? It’s when we get to stay here [at Fair Point Marina] with you and Grandpa for a whole week!” [an eight year old grandson of one of our RV site customers]

“The other day I came up to check on my boat during a bad storm. You can imagine my amazement when I arrived to see Schyler patiently walking the docks, taking the time to look at each boat to make sure they were tied off properly and the fenders were set right too. Your team is wonderful. I just wanted you to know how they go the extra mile for us.”

“My husband fell off the back of the boat while it was in the yard. He landed on his back and before he could get up, Schyler rushed to his side and instructed him to lay still until Schyler could confirm whether he was injured or not. He [Schyler] was awesome! He showed so much care and concern for my husband. I understand he is a ski patrol guy in the winter and has had a lot of training. It’s nice to have someone like this at the marina.”

“Who knew, years after we drove over the crest of that hill and saw Lake Ontario for the first time, we’d find our first boat at that same marina by the big lake! It was meant to be and we couldn’t be happier… a special place we call home with good people we call family. Cheers to many more seasons together!”

“Tim – we had a blast this year. You and your team are wonderful.”

“We are so happy we joined Fair Point this year. The people are so nice and your team is outstanding. We are also impressed by how many improvements you made to the place this year.”

“John [our new mechanic] is a great guy. He went over and above the call of duty helping me with my boat last weekend. You just don’t find guys like this any more.”

“Once again, a special thanks to our gracious hosts, Cheryl and Tim for yet another great party at the best marina on the Great Lakes.”

“Wow. Beautiful place.”

“Had a great time [at the Summer Bash}. The band was great,food was super good also.”

“Another great party, sponsored in part by our special spot in Mother Nature’s good graces!”

“Had a great time… Can’t beat family, friends, good food and great music!!!”

“Had a beautiful sail this evening,the sun had set,and we headed back. The Marina looked awesome,all the new lights.Made us feel like we were coming home.Thanks again.”

“You {Fair Point Marina] are the talk of the Lake. As we have cruised around the Lake, many boaters suggested we stop here. Said the place was beautiful, the staff outstanding and the people friendly and warm. They were right. We love Fair Point.”

“Tim, We can believe what you and Cheryl have done with Fair Point. It is the jewel of Lake Ontario and Fair Haven. You have done so much here, and Fair Haven is much better for it!”

“John [our new mechanic] is wonderful. He did a great job with my boat and he understands customer service.”

“I want to commend John [our new mechanic]. He did a great job servicing my boat and installing new speakers in the cockpit. He is a hard worker and very professional.”

“Trattoria Amici is really neat. My family really enjoyed the food, the italian music and the great friends. Thanks to your staff for a job well done.”

“We have really enjoyed the marina this year (our first year). Everyone is so friendly, and has helped us out (we provided the entertainment when we attempted to dock our new boat for the first several times). We will be back next year, and we hope to participate in some of the events. Your facilities are wonderful, the marina is well kept, and your staff is excellent.”

“You and Cheryl are the best. Thanks for everything you have done to make this place delightful.”

“You’ve always been known for keeping the place clean but you’ve exceeded your high standards this year. The bathrooms have never been better.”

“Thanks for upgrading the WiFi service. It rocks now.”

“This past weekend was our first at Fair Point and we absolutely loved it! Looking forward to the rest of the summer!”

“OMG, the new trees along the wharf and the lighting are beautiful! You’ve done an amazing job.”

“Thanks Tim and Cheryl for making this an extraordinary place for our family to spend their summers. We love you guys.”

“Love the new landscaping work along the wharf. It is gorgeous over there now and the lights on the trees and stairs at night are magical. Wow!”

“Best marina of the Great Lakes.”

“Great job with the wharf. It looks fantastic. Love the lighting at night too. It will be part of Fair Point’s new signature look.”

“Last weekend was perfect. Your team has the place looking great. We just love it here. So many nice people.”

“We had a great time!!! Met so many really nice people. Thanks so much for organizing the RV Crawl. Perhaps next time you can add “Wear your Wildest Party Shirt”

“I think the RV Crawl may have been your best party yet. The RV hosts did a wonderful job creating fun and interesting stops. And I kept telling my wife, I have never met so many nice people. Thanks Tim and Cheryl for another wonderful experience.”

“This [the RV Crawl] was a great party thanks for the first of hopefully many more party’s we will be attending.”

“You said it [the RV Crawl] would be epic. It was!”

“John [the new marine mechanic] is a terrific guy and very talented. You’ve got something special in him.”

“The new Clean Team is doing a marvelous job. The grounds look great and the bathrooms are clean!”

“Hard to believe but it looks like the 2014 season will be even better than the last. It just keeps getting better and better. Thanks Tim and Cheryl.”

“Tim, we can’t thank you enough for all of the improvements you keep making to the place. We love it here.”

“Just a note to let you know, Schyler is doing an excellent job as your marina manager at Fair Point. He was responsible for the launch and haul-out of our C&C 33 this year. Everything went smoothly and with no snags or miscues. I enjoyed watching the process being handled with competence and professionalism. My wife and I look forward to working with Schyler in the coming years.”

“Fair Point Marina had excellent reviews on line and we found out that this place is one of the best marinas on all the Great Lakes.” (from a cruiser who traveled through the Great Lakes on their way down south)

“[Schyler] is the Little Sodus Bay marina master-of-all-trades, [he] did a splendid job building, rigorously reinforcing and testing our mast cradle.” (from a cruiser heading south to the Bahamas)

“Just wanted to thank Schyler and Rich for helping us so much as we got Quicksilver ready for her passage. We have enjoyed our little piece of heaven here at Fair Point for the past six years. Thank you, everyone, for always making us feel special and welcome. We will miss all our friends at Fair Point and Fair Haven’s amazing sunsets, stars and beautiful water.”

“Tim, the party was epic.”

“Holy cow, awesome time at Fair Point last night. Great band, great food and great friends. As they say, it doesn’t get any better than this!!!!”

“My wife and I just can’t figure out how you keep making things better and better. The party last night was great fun. Thanks to Schyler and the rest of your staff giving us another extraordinary experience.”

“Just a short note to you four to say thanks for all your hard work to give us a great fun filled weekend. We know the tents, tables, chairs, food, booze, Tiki bar, etc. did not just magically appear for the party and then just vanish afterwards. We appreciate it very much and feel lucky to have such a great place to enjoy the summer. Thanks again.”

“The band [Stroke] was outrageously good. They got everyone into the party. And the food was outstanding. You know how to throw great parties but this one was the best yet. Thank you.” [referring to the Summer Bash]”

“We really enjoyed the special events you put on this past weekend. The wine tasting Friday evening with Lake Effect Winery was really interesting and fun, and we thoroughly enjoyed the speakers on Saturday morning. You do so much to give everyone an interesting and fun-filled summer. Thank you!”

“Tim, we’ve been boating for many years and been to many marinas all over the east coast. Fair Point is the best. Period. Your team is fantastic, the location is beautiful and your customers are so nice and kind.”

“Tim, among your many talents you can now add the ability to control the weather. How the heck do you this every time you throw a party?”

“You and Cheryl have done a wonderful job with the marina. You two have been so good for this community and you have been great neighbors. Thanks for all of your hard work.” [a residential homeowner near the marina]

“Have I said it before? I love this place!!!!”

“Your team is doing a wonderful job. Best it’s ever been. Thank you!”

“The Solstice Party may very well have been your best party ever. It was magical! Thanks Tim and Cheryl.”

“We love this guy.” [referring to Rich]

“You’ve got a great team this year. Schyler and Rich are doing a magnificent job. Thank you!”

“Rich is a wonderful addition to the marina. What a nice guy. And a great sailor too. Where did you find him?”

“Your five star rating on Active Captain is well-deserved. We are impressed with the marina and the professionalism of your staff.” [from sailors heading into the Erie Canal.]

“Hi Tim and Cheryl, I got to sail my boat with the roller furling and the new jib that Schyler installed, I am impressed, made my life a lot easier. Rich came sailing with me both days and he is a great sailor and we had a great time on the lake. You guys have a real good crew! I think this season will be a great one!”

“Tim, just wanted to give a shout out to Schyler, he’s been really great the past few weeks helping us get the boat launched, as well as help in working out some of the kinks. Had a co-worker out fishing with me today, and he couldn’t believe how responsive Schyler was. Just wanted to put in a good word. I thanked him many times, but wanted to make sure you knew that he has really delivered.”

“The new RV area is gorgeous. You guys did a fabulous job with the expansion and the sewer connections. We love it!”

“Every year you seem to raise the bar on service and professionalism, and this year is no exception. Schyler is quite simply the best I have seen. He has done an amazing job with the RV site expansion and has been incredibly helpful to us throughout the process. We can’t believe how knowledgeable he his and how well he has managed this project.”

“Your team is off to another fantastic start this year. Schyler’s the best and Rich is a wonderful guy to have around the marina.”

“The new RV area looks great. I can’t believe how much time and effort your team have put into this place. We LOVE it.”

“I enjoyed meeting Schyler at the boat show and am looking forward to my first year at Fair Point.”

“Thank you guys, this is our third year enjoying your wonderful facility and great party. From your Canadian transient and once a year resident boaters.”

“I am so glad I found this spot. Great people, staff and location. Being so close to the lake is great too. I can get out there quickly without burning a lot of fuel. The fishing out there is awesome.”

“My daughter was up from Philly visiting and to paint the name on my boat. While she was here I gave her and her boyfriend sailing lessons. My son learned last year and is my first mate on a lot of trips. They can’t believe how nice the marina is and how friendly the people are. Thanks to you, Tim and the staff for a great place to keep my boat and spend the summer.”

“It’s cool to see the sailors and fishermen get along like they do at Fair Point. I’ve seen sailors head out to the Lake for a day of fishing and even seen a few fishermen out sailing! Folks here just like hanging together whatever they do.”

“Thanks for helping us out with our engine issue today. You saved the day!”

“Tim – We have stayed at many marinas throughout the Great Lakes as we make our journey down to the Bahamas. Yours is without question the best one yet. I give it a 10+. The marina setting is beautiful, the facilities are impeccably maintained… [one of three boaters who came to the marina in August 2012 to have their masts unstepped and to have other work done in preparation for cruising down south]

“I have just been reading some of the comments made by boaters who have been at your marina. They are absolutely right. When we pulled in, to avoid a storm, you and your lady and another fellow ran down to the dock to help us tie up quickly. Then you told us about several places to eat in town, and offered to take us along with you on your boat, or if we preferred you were willing (offered twice) to let us use your car. You were friendly, courteous and helpful with everything. This goes well beyond what I have experienced at other marinas. I would be happy to stay at Fair Point again, and will certainly recommend it to all sailers/boaters.”

“Wow, what a terrific time at the Hawaiian Luau.”

“Hi Tim. My wife and I just wanted to drop you and Cheryl a quick line and say, thanks for another great party Saturday night! It was the perfect ending to a fun day of sailing. The food was great, and the live band was awesome!”

“The Summer Bash this year was fantastic. Loved seeing all of the Pirates, and the magician was awesome.”

“Really looking forward to this weekend, this is really the best summer. Thank you for making Fair Point so wonderful!!!!”

“Thanks for your service on my boat. You covered everything I was concerned about on the boat and it is running much smoother. In addition to the timely service the service charge was very reasonable.”

“Hey Mambo. Mambo Italiano! I enjoyed dining at Fair Point’s newest event – Trattoria Amici!”

“I (heart emoticon) my marina.” [a Facebook post]

“The new C Dock is gorgeous. OMG! Love it.”

“The new break walls are a huge improvement. They are really knocking down the boat wake and waves.”

“Thank you for an awesome 4th of July Party and also for making our first year very comfortable. We appreciate all you do to keep everyone happy!”

“Great party this past weekend. I am sure glad I chose to keep my boat there. A great place to sail and hang out. Love the staff and love the other boaters.”

“This is the first place we stayed, we’re now near NYC and this is the least expensive place so far. It’s also the cleanest, has the nicest facilities and the most friendly and helpful staff. Great job unstepping our 1000 lb 65 foot mast in 15 – 20 knot winds.”

“You beat me to the punch. I was going to send a thank you note, not only for restoring the wi fi service, but also the great mid summer bash and pancake breakfast. [We] constantly congratulate ourselves for the choice we made when picking our summer home. Location, neighbors, and wonderful owners; we got it all. Thanks again.”

“Tim, I don’t know how else to say it – thank you! The marina is beautiful and your team is amazing. I’m speechless.”

“We want to thank you and the Fair Point Marina staff again for everything. We’ve never seen a mast step go so smoothly nor a staff so committed to service. You’ve really got something special there. We can’t wait to come back on our next sailing trip to Lake Ontario.”

“Thanks again for a wonderful, fun-filled weekend. The food was outstanding, and the band was great.”

“When I launched Cassandra for the first time this was the place I chose. Beautiful inlet to sail in when the lake is rough, good prices on slips and hauling. Their marina crew were so very helpful when I ran into mechanicals snafus, and if it were not for the other boaters there I would not be where I am. They treat everyone as well as you could hope to be treated.”

“After sailing from Ireland to America and up the Hudson to Lake Ontario, I needed sowhere to restep my mast on a weekend. Luckily Fair Point Marina were happy to oblige. I have never before seen a mast stepped so effortlessly. The facilties and welcome were also top class -thanks.” -Lady Shamrock.”

“Thanks again for taking such good care of us, we had a blast. Your generosity is much appreciated and much too rare.”

“She shares my thoughts and appreciation of your kindness, dedication and forward thinking. It is truly our home away from home and I would like to personally thank both of you for an absolutely wonderful week-end and summer so far!”

“Every weekend it just gets better and better! We cannot thank you both enough for the hospitality and wonderful atmosphere you and your staff have created. Fair Point is truly a testament to your dedication and efforts, we thank you all!”

“My husband and I wanted to thank you for a wonderful weekend of fun in the sun!”

“[W]e wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all you both do to make Fair Point a utopia for us.”

“A great deal of planning went into the weekend, but what a success it was! Everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you so much.”

“You both are very special people, and we look forward to many more good times at our summer retreat.”

“Trattoria Amici [our outdoor italian dinner with italian music] was inspired genius. I could not believe my eyes when I looked down a single dinner table and saw over 50 people seated for dinner. With the authentic pasta sauce and music, I’d swear I was on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Bravo.”

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful celebration on Saturday night. The food was delicious, and the band was great. But most importantly, [my husband] and I wanted to thank you for making the marina such a warm and friendly place.”

“Tim, I am really impressed by what you have accomplished. Your staff is completely dedicated to service and they know what they are doing. We’ve never seen the place run so smoothly. Keep up the good work and thanks so much for your hospitality.”

“What a great EOS Party!! We were so glad that we were able to join you and the rest of the “Fair Point Marina” community on Saturday. Thanks again for your generosity and commitment to Fair Haven.”

“Thank you for a wonderful summer. The improvements you have thus far made at the Marina are wonderful! It is obvious that you, your wife and staff truly have their hearts in their work! Best marina – most beautiful, clean, helpful staff and friendly patrons – that we have been at! See you next summer. Wish you a good year! “

“The EOS Party was off the hook. The Tiki Bar rocks.”

“It was such a pleasure meeting you this summer. Not only do you know how to run a business but your rapport with your customers is fantastic. Thank you for all you have done, our time at the marina has been a pleasure. We wish you much success and will be looking forward to next summer.”

“What a great weekend at the Marina for the Fourth of July!!!! Great party as always Tim, Cheryl, Jerry, Jon and Arline -thank you for all you do there!”

“What a spectacular summer! We’ve never had so much fun or met so many wonderful people. It really doesn’t get any better than this! Take care and see you next spring.”

“I’m very happy with my choice to dock there this summer – having a great time!”

“Thank you for such a nice evening on Saturday. Everyone had such a good time. The band was great (loved knowing the words to their tunes) and the food was perfect for a kickoff to a great summer.”

“Fair Point not only is a great place to be but all of the people are wonderful and the sunsets are to die for.”

“We had a marvelous time at the summer bash. The food, entertainment, fireworks, people, sunset; Everything was near perfect.”

“How in the world will you be able to top this one? [a customer referring to Summer Bash]”

“I was having a great time at the party. The food was outrageous, the tiki bar was rocking and the band was great. And then out of nowhere as the band played against a deep red sunset, fireworks shot up into the sky behind the band, and I thought – is this place for real?”

“We are really happy we joined the marina this year. We are looking forward to next year and thanks again for the Summer Bash. Wow.”

“Just wanted to tell you that once again, you guys did a fantastic job with the Party on Saturday evening. The food was wonderful and the entertainment great. Our compliments to the chef. We are so happy that we picked this spot eight years ago and hope we have many more. You guys are the greatest.”

“Good Morning Tim: Great Labor Day Party at the marina! Its the best that I have attended in over 20 years that I have been here. Everybody enjoyed it – with the live band- sunset in the background-fireworks- piglet- fireplaces – & it looked like over 100 people. Thank you. It was a great time.”

“Fair Point Marina is a close-knit social structure, united by a common interest. It’s like a clan or family. I’ve been involved in boating for over 40 years. The type of camaraderie found at Fair Point Marina was prevalent 20 years ago, but a rare commodity these days. I credit you directly for the friendly, open attitude.”

“Sailors and power boaters get along so well with each other here. They enjoy each other’s company so much that power boaters have been going out to crew on the sailboats and vice versa!”

“The cleanest facility we’ve seen in the County” – County Health Inspector, August 2010

“Your marina is unbelievable. Every weekend is paradise for my family and me.”

“Tim and Cheryl – Thank you – [the Summer Bash] was a wonderful night for everyone. Really special!”

“We want to Thank You Tim, Cheryl and the Staff for a Super Fun Evening at the Summer Bash. The food, music and entertainment was the “best”. Once again your team out did themselves to make this a wonderful evening, you should be proud of them.”

“The Summer Bash was another huge success. The band was one of the best you’ve had so far and we got a huge kick out of watching the comedy hypnotist perform. EIEIO!”

“When towed in to Fair Point Marina with a mechanical problem, we were treated as guests more than customers by Jon, Arline and Tom who went “beyond the call”, including transportation and sharing a bottle of wine, to make sure we were able to resume our cruise. The marina is a very well maintained, presentable facility as well. We regarded our experience there the high point of that week long sail.”

“We stayed [at Fair Point] for a few days while visiting Fair Haven and we loved it. It is quiet and contemporary. We will surely visit again. Thank you.”

“Great place. Friendly people. Helpful, knowledgeable staff. Keep up the great work.” [a boater visiting from Canada]